Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hi everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a brilliant Christmas and new year – I certainly did. I had my family to our house for the first time since we’ve lived here, so it was slightly stressful but my boyfriend did the majority of the cooking on Christmas Day so I was able to enjoy the day. On the Sunday before Christmas, we all went to an escape room and just about managed to get out! Then later in the day, we went to Black Country Living Museum’s ‘Traditional Christmas Evening’ which was wonderful – plenty of Christmassy atmosphere coupled with fish & chips and extravagant hot chocolate.

I got some lovely squishy presents from Beehive yarns and a yarn bowl too. My aunt adapted the pattern for the jumper from The Killing and my grandma knitted this for me, I’m in love with it and have lived in it pretty much since Christmas day. I am also into my motorsport and got some charms to add to my Alyssa Smith Jewellery bracelet. I’m collecting a bracelet from her with motorsport themed charms, they’re absolutely gorgeous and if you’re into your F1 or MotoGP then you should definitely check her site out.

For those of you who follow me for knitting and crochet, read on! For those of you who aren’t too interested, skip to the next section…

I nearly finished my Betty & Judy Lodge Sweater by PoisonGrrls, pretty much non-stop knitting for just about a week but I didn’t quite get it done in time. I am now however thinking of treating this as my practice run and frogging the whole thing… It’s not quite as fitted as I’d like and the sleeves are also a bit longer than three-quarter length because I’m a rebel and didn’t do a gauge swatch before I started! I’m also on a health & weight-loss kick at the moment so I’m hoping by next Christmas that it’ll be too big anyway so it gives me the excuse to start again and have all that knitty joy again but with added experience of the stitches! I wasn’t too happy with how my colourwork turned out as I’ve never really properly done it before and it’s a bit gappy at the ends, I also took the floats right across the middle between the holly leaves and you can see the green through the white as it’s such a bright white. I’m definitely going to use two balls next time and not carry it across the middle. You live and learn! The gauge swatch is also something I’ll be having a go at too!

In the meantime, I’ve been doing my test knit socks for Annabel Williams. I frogged these as I was using a 2.25mm needle and I just wasn’t happy with the texture. I’ve cast on again with 2.75mm needles and I’m much happier and so they’re growing much quicker now! Hopefully they will be done in the next couple of weeks.

I’ve also added my on-going projects onto my Ravelry page so I can track what I have on the go and can keep everyone updated with my progress and comments. I’m hoping to try and gradually add my stash of yarns, needles and hooks onto it too. It’s just a big job to do all in one go!

For those of you who are following for my planner escapades…

I’m definitely trying to get back into my planning more this year. After being diagnosed with depression at the end of last year, it’s really put into perspective how much I need to take time out for myself and slow down. I’ve been using an app called Headspace that’s been absolutely brilliant, however today I needed something extra. This is mainly the reason I’m writing this now – I’m feeling a little out of kilter this week and needed some time to sit and sort through everything I’ve enjoyed doing in the last four weeks or so. I don’t know whether this is because I’m moving to a new team at work on the 14th of January, or whether it’s just because I’m tired. I’m really looking forward to the change but it’s also the first big change at work for four years so I’m a little apprehensive and feel slightly on edge this week.

I’ve been looking at getting a Hobonichi Techo A6 and have ordered one to see if I can find planner peace in it and I’ve got a gorgeous tweed cover from BlueGreenSea for it too. If there was ever a shop made for me, this is it! After having watched several videos and seen some layouts, I feel it’s much more versatile than my personal Foxy Fix that I’m in at the moment as my Foxy feels slightly big for my needs and I’m struggling to fill the space in it. It feels like I’m wasting stickers as I’ll plan ahead by a week, put all my big events or appointments into it and then not do much else with it. I’ve got myself a free downloadable habit tracker from My Dandelion Dreams and I’m really enjoying this so I’ll most likely transfer this over to the Hobonichi when it arrives. I’ve spent a bit of time today laminating die cuts I’ve collected, just so they’re a little more resilient as I’m known as Calamity Jade and I like to break things, spill drinks on things and so on… I’m looking forward to the squared paper in the Hobonichi as well as the smaller size, I really hope it’s going to give me a bit more of my planner mojo back. I have so many supplies and just a complete lack of enthusiasm at the moment… I’m needing to sort my craft room out so I’m gradually sorting through various boxes and bags to eventually give everything it’s own home. At the moment I’ve got 3 drawers in the bottom of the day bed I have as well as a craft tote and a few IKEA boxes to store things in. My boyfriend has said that I can get a storage unit soon, but I just need to make that obviously massive decision of which one to get. I’m thinking about the Kallax from IKEA so the boxes I have will fit into it neatly. Any suggestions people have will be greatly received!

I feel I’ve rambled on slightly, but needed to just brain fart and getall of my thoughts down. Sorry it’s been so long and well done ifyou’ve got this far!

Letme know in the comments which storage unit you think would be good.


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