Quarantine CAL – Pattern 1

Ear saver

  1. 1 colour of yarn (I’ll be using Yarn and Colours Must Have Minis)

  2. 1 crochet hook (3mm or equivalent for gauge of cotton used)

  3. 2 decent sized buttons

  4. Tapestry or yarn needle (one with a big eye so you can sew in those ends and attach your buttons)

  5. Scissors

  6. Stitch marker (Optional but you could also use a bobby pin!)

Foundation: Sl st & ch21 (20 +1 stitches). DC in 2nd ch from hook & pm in 2nd ch if desired. DC to end. Ch1 & turn.

Row 1: DC to end (20 stitches). Ch2 & turn.

Row 2: TR to end. Ch1 & turn.

Row 3: DC to end. Ch1 & turn.

Row 4: DC to end. Ch2 & turn.

Row 5: TR to end. Ch1 & turn.

Row 6: DC to end. Ch1 & turn.

Row 7: DC to end. Finish off & sew in ends.

Sew on buttons firmly!

Like mine, you don’t need to have matching buttons! I’ve used spares from various bits of clothing! (Let’s hope I don’t ever need them…)

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