Afternoon everyone!

So today has consisted of getting ready for Christmas, madly trying to get the house ready and decorated along with buying last minute supplies…

In between this I’ve been test knitting some socks for Annabel Williams, knitting some mittens for myself and also dabbling in embroidery. I’ve fancied setting up a blog for a while but just hadn’t really known where to start, so instead of procrastinating, I’m now just getting on with it!

I’ve nipped over to the craft shop (Colemans Craft Warehouse, it’s wonderful!) and bought myself a choice of a few buttons to go on my Betty & Judy Lodge sweater designed by PoisonGrrls, so I need some help choosing which to use. I’ve recently discovered Amy’s designs and I’m in love with them all. I’ve finished the Angel Face Turban last week in the glorious Barbarella yarn in Wisp colourway by Beehive Yarns. It’s got the most gorgeous subtle sparkle to it that photos just don’t do justice, I’m also making my mittens out of this too as I had enough left over. I have the new Mixtape Shawl lined up ready to go as well as the Rizzo Blouse. I can’t wait to get started on them but I have about 4 projects on the go at the moment – New Years resolution? STOP SO MANY PROJECTS AT ONCE! I’m really going to need help with this… You will all need to stop me if I mention another project I want to start…

Here are the choice of buttons, which do you think I should add? Click on the link to PoisonGrrls above and that will take you to Amy’s Ravelry page to see the whole design to help you make your choice!

I hope to keep you all updated with my progress on knitting as well as my planner layouts, after all that is where my name originated!

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Let me know in the comments which button you think I should use!

I’m excited for everyone to come on this journey with me,

Binky xo

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