UK vs. US Crochet Terms Conversion Chart

Crochet Conversion Chart

UK Crochet Terms

DC: Double crochet

TR: Treble crochet

Sl st: Slip stitch

PM: Place marker

Ch: Chain

To end: Continue crocheting the same stitch to the end of the row

Finish off: Ch1, cut yarn about 3-4in from last ch, pull yarn through ch

Tunisian Crochet Terms

Ch: Chain

Rep: Repeat

SS: Slip stitch

tcs: Tunisian crossed stitch

tss: Tunisian simple stitch

st(s): stitches

vl: vertical loop(s)

yoh: yarn over hook

Double eyelet: Insert hook through 2 vl, yoh, pull up a loop, yoh twice, insert hook through 2 vl, yoh, pull up a loop

inc: increase by working an extra yoh

RP: return pass

Cast off: insert hook into vl, yoh and pull through both loops on hook